Tuesday 19th October, 2010 – AWASSA

Heading north the roads are becoming much busier again, with people out and about everywhere.  It has made finding a suitable road side toilet stop a bit tricky and Loretta, one of the group, was sprung taking a leak.  I’m not sure who was more surprised, Loretta or the woman that found a white skinned, red headed foreigner taking a pit stop in her garden.

Arriving in Awassa, a bustling university town, was a bit shocking after the small places we had been staying in.  It was my first chance to use internet, though the power did drop out at one stage.

Walking along Awassa’s lake edge before dinner was lovely, with lots of kingfishers and hamerkop birds flying about.  As we walked by some kids who were fishing, started a very silly improve rap about fish apparently.  I guess MTV’s influence is far-reaching these days.

Italian influence was apparent in Awassa and we decided to make the most of it with dinner at an Italian restaurant.  Dan and Jen’s pepperoni pizza however had no hint of meat.  It soon became known as a “pepper only” pizza among us.  Luckily my mushroom pizza was covered with mushrooms.


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