Monday 18th October, 2010 – YABELLO / MOYALE

A lack of water in our showers last night made us all consider donning our swim suits to wash in the hotel fountains which were still running.  The problem was fixed though and this morning I could have a luke-warm shower.

We drove down very near to the Kenyan border to visit El Sod, a salt lake in the crater of an extinct volcano.  I sat on the edge of the crater and enjoyed the view while some of our group climbed down to get a closer look at the lake and the men that dive into to collect salt.  I do regret not going as seeing the men work would have been interesting to see, but I really wasn’t feeling well enough for the climb up.  Ever enterprising kids were waiting at the top with bottles of soft drink for the weary climbers.  After many offers of drink from them, and an equal amount of refusals from me, they sat down with me and watched me read, hoping I might just change my mind.  I didn’t, and when the others were visible on the returning path, the kids scampered off to hopefully make a sale of their by now warm drinks.

The houses around Moyale were quite different from other places.  With flat rooves topped with growing grass, they keep cool in the heat.  Luckily, for our visit, the weather stayed cool.


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