Thursday 21st October, 2010 – to ADDIS ABABA


This morning we said goodbye to our drivers Hassan and Warade.  Warede had become sick and wasn’t able to drive.  With a new driver and van we set out on our last day of driving.

A foray into Abidjata-Shalla National Park for a spot of flamingo-viewing left us lost amongst the confusing dusty paths that run between the Abidjata and Shala Lakes.  We did get to see the flamingos, which were shy and kept their distance.

After arriving back in Addis Ababa our group gathered for a goodbye meal at an Ethiopian style restaurant.  I’m sure the food was great, but my stomach was misbehaving again, so I couldn’t face eating.  I could still enjoy the music and dancing that was on show.  The dancing was remarkable and unlike anything I’ve seen before.  There was a lot of shoulder shaking, head swinging and hair flinging as the dancers performed moves from various tribal groups.  My neck feels sore just remembering it.


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