Tuesday 10th Aug, 2010 – PAKBENG, Mekong River to LUANG PRABANG


I had been warned that the roosters woke early in Pakbeng.  True to word, they were up at 4 something (I was too dazed to note the exact time).  Once awake, the roosters didn’t stop their crowing until they were assured that everyone in town was fully awake with them…some 3 hours later.  Ouch!  At least I’ll have plenty of opportunity for a nap back on the slow boat today.


In between the napping, a couple of stops were made along the river to stretch our legs and take in some local life.  Our first stop was Bou Village.  This village is obviously a regular stop for boats travelling down the Mekong, as the locals were ready for us with scarves and other wares lain out.  Exchanging a few purchases for photo opportunities, I left with more scarves than intended.  Back down at the river the village kids splashed about in the water, jumping off logs and generally having fun.


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