Saturday 23rd October, 2010 – STONE TOWN

A little panic ensued this morning when my airport transfer didn’t arrive, which was quickly solved by a pricey but speedy taxi ride that got me checked-in by the skin of my teeth.


All of that seems a world away, now that I’m settled in to my truly luxurious room here in Zanzibar.  Usually, I stay in pretty run-of-the-mill hotels, so I feel spoilt rotten.  A hot towel and drink complete with cocktail umbrella on arrival was followed by a relaxing bath.  Lathered up with some lovely lemongrass body lotion my skin was craving, I’m now sitting on my balcony watching a great ball of red sun slip slowly toward the horizon as fishermen in their dhows drift slowly by.

The room service girl that just came in to turn down my bed reminds me of movie actress Rosie Perez.  She has been kindly teaching me a few Swahili phrases. ‘Jambo’ is hello; ‘Lala salaama’ is goodnight.


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