As a sufferer of a severe and so far untreatable case of itchy feet, I have   found that to resist is hopeless.  Where the feet want to go, the rest of the body must follow, with camera in hand of course.

Throughout my travels I have constantly been struck by the kindness of strangers and the welcomes I have been shown were at times overwhelming.  I have been fortunate enough to meet and photograph a number of interesting characters. The time spent drinking tea, chatting, and watching them work offered me a rare glimpse into their lives.  This is something I try to capture in my photographs.

One lady I spoke to on my trip to India put it quite succinctly.  She said

 “You and I come from different worlds.  You understand little of my

life and I understand little of yours.  By watching me work today

I hope you have come to know some of my world.  When people

                                   see your pictures, they will also learn.”

I hope this is the case.  Certainly her comment keeps me motivated when taking pictures.

Feel free to drop in from time to time as I’ll be adding images and blog entries from my latest adventures, wherever they may be.