12th April, 2011 – SAPA, VIETNAM

20110411_0518 20110411_0507

With muscles stiff from yesterdays riding it was time to do some stretches and get back on our bikes for day two of our Sapa ride.  After the mostly downhill ride of yesterday, I was looking forward to more of the same.  A rude shock awaited – today’s ride was to be mostly on unsurfaced rocky roads with a lot of uphills involved.  Heavy rain during the night had also turned the road into something of a slip and slide with muddy quagmires fit for pigs, but impossible to ride through.

20110412_0475 20110412_0465

By the end of the day I was bruised, battered, exhausted and covered in mud.  Again though, the spectacular scenery saved the day.  Throughout the whole day’s cycling we didn’t see another tourist and the smiles and nods of encouragement of the locals spurred me on through their villages.


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